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Congratulations on your decision to undertake this life transforming journey of self-guidance and self-healing. It is an honour to be your QHHT guide. 

I dedicate one day a week, every Wednesday from 10.30am. If you'd like to book in please let me know in the message which Wednesday suits you. If you are a couple, I may be able to do you both in the same day or there may be an option to conduct one session on the day prior, Tuesday.

QHHT (New Clients) 5 hours - $555
QHHT (Return Clients) 3 hours - $333

Angel number 555 carries a profound message of change, transformation, and personal growth.

Angel number 333 is a powerful message calling you to trust yourself and to carefully consider your choices.

Embarking on your healing journey with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) requires both readiness and willingness from you. As your guide, I understand that all healing originates from within, and my role is to offer support and guidance along your path of self-discovery.

From a scientific standpoint, it's crucial to recognize the various ways trauma can be metabolized out of your body. When you experience trauma, your body responds by releasing neuro-peptides, biochemical messengers that influence both physical and emotional responses. These neuro-peptides are naturally processed and released through bodily fluids such as tears, sweat, saliva, breath, urine, and bowel movements. However, if trauma isn't adequately processed, these emotions can become trapped within your body, often in the affected tissue or organ.

For example, let's consider a person who experienced significant betrayal in a past relationship, like you. The emotional trauma from this betrayal might become trapped within your body, specifically in your heart region, as you struggle to process and release the hurt and betrayal you felt. Over time, if not addressed, this trapped emotion could manifest as physical symptoms such as chest tightness, heart palpitations, or even cardiovascular issues.

Creating a safe and supportive environment is paramount in allowing your unresolved traumas to surface and be released from your body. During our sessions, I provide you with a non-judgmental space to express your life story fully, facilitating your conscious recognition of patterns and causes. This empowerment enables you to choose a different path forward and reclaim power from your subconscious reactions.

Each Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session is as unique as you are. During these sessions, your Higher Self—the innate wisdom and intuition within you—takes the lead, curating the experience to address your specific needs and experiences. This divine guidance ensures that your healing journey is tailored precisely to what you require at this moment in time. Whether it involves exploring past lives, childhood memories, or receiving insights and guidance, your Higher Self orchestrates the session to facilitate the most profound healing and transformation for you. Trust in this process and know that your Higher Self is always working in your best interest, guiding you toward greater alignment with your true essence.

To support your ongoing healing process, I offer you the option to stay at Deloraine Cottage as a gift. This serene and distraction-free space allows you to deepen your healing journey and make meaningful connections between past experiences and your present well-being. Even if you're local, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. It's a gift on top of the charge for the session, demonstrating my commitment to your healing journey. Ultimately, my goal as your guide is to empower you to invest in your healing journey and experience profound transformation and growth. By providing a supportive environment and guidance, I aim to facilitate self-discovery and healing from within.

Trust that your Higher Self has guided you here. You are ready. If money is a barrier, please reach out to me, as we can explore alternative energy exchanges together.

Where are sessions held?

Our sessions take place on our property, within the neighboring guest house known as Deloraine Cottage. We start in the lounge, exploring your motivations for seeking a QHHT session, and I invite you to narrate your life's journey leading up to this moment. Afterward, we'll delve into the questions you're seeking answers to.

After taking a quick bathroom break, let's transition to the bedroom. There, you'll settle in comfortably, preparing to enter a relaxed self-hypnosis state, open and eager to uncover answers to your questions.

To facilitate this ongoing healing journey, the option to stay at Deloraine Cottage is offered as a gift, providing a serene space for reflection and self-inquiry. This opportunity for uninterrupted healing is an investment in oneself, allowing for deep introspection and continued growth. Whether one chooses to accept this offer is a matter of personal choice, but the value of investing in one's well-being cannot be overstated.

Located at 50 Konini St, Abbey Caves, Whangarei.

Sessions cannot be done via video call. If you cannot make a trip to Whangarei, Northland. Then visit for a list of trained QHHT facilitators in New Zealand.

Angel Number 555

Carries a profound message of change, transformation, and personal growth. When you encounter this number, it's a sign from the angels that significant shifts are occurring in your life. Embrace these changes with an open heart and mind, knowing that they are leading you toward greater alignment with your soul's purpose. Trust in the process of transformation and allow yourself to evolve into the best version of yourself. Embrace this period of growth with courage and optimism, knowing that the angels are guiding and supporting you every step of the way.

Angel Number 333

Is a powerful message calling you to trust yourself and to carefully consider your choices. It's a reminder that you possess the wisdom and intuition needed to navigate your path. When you see this number, take a moment to tune into your inner guidance and listen to what your instincts are telling you. Trust that you have the ability to make decisions that align with your highest good. Embrace the confidence that comes from trusting yourself, and know that the angels are supporting you every step of the way.

Mt Parihaka Summit

Walk along the Hatea River and continue to the summit of Mt Parihaka (the site of a Maori Pa) for 180 degree views over Whangarei and watch the sunset over Maungatapere maunga (mountain).

Mt Parihaka

Abbey Caves 

Walk past limestone features and old purirui trees on your way to experience the wonder of Abbey Caves. We provide headlamps to explore these voluminous caverns and view the glow-worms. 

A.H. Reed Memorial Park

Enjoy a leisurely bridge walk high up in the tree canopy, leaving the bush floor untouched as you cross over streams, walk past ancient Kauri and enjoy the chorus of native bird song. 

Whangarei Waterfalls

You can continue your bridge canopy walk to the beautiful Whangarei Falls. Take in the spectacular falls from the look out above or walk to the bottom and enjoy a picnic at the base.

Deloraine Cottage

Deloraine Cottage (located next to to the hosts home) boasts 3 king bedrooms, fully self-contained kitchen, dining for 6, laundry facilities and flat screen TV. All the modern comforts have been catered for while being transported back in time to yesteryear.

Deloraine sleeps up to 6 people using existing king bedding and is suitable for extended families, friends and work colleagues.

A short 5 minute drive from town and 7 minutes to Onerahi Airport.

Take a virtual tour of the Deloraine Cottage, both inside and outside.